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Breast cancer was hard but I was stronger.

Eddi Girardin

I love who I am now and I appreciate my body like I never did before.

Life threw me a new challenge.

Jer Este

This is a challenge I'm intending to smash and come out stronger than ever!

I will never take the little things for granted ever again.

Jamie Powell

Finally I made it to June 30th, 2020. I got to ring the bell! Finally this type of torture was done and I could move on to the next.

My Journey To Health Restoration

Shannon Lea Pickering

What I Learned from Autoimmunity and Cancer 

Cancer has given me a new purpose

Kirk Mathers

Cancer has given me a new purpose: to help other cancer patients know they are not alone.

Together We Are Stronger!

Casey Head

Finding Your Way Back to Heart Center; cancer treatment ended, now what?

On A Higher Level

Daisha Lewis

For almost 20 years, Daisha has battled this metastatic disease with faith, grace, poise and a strength that is unmatched!

Be the light in people’s life journey

Tierney Langdon

Yoga became her guiding star for her journey, and she credits it with “Truly saving my life.”

The Scars of Survivorship

Annamarya Scaccia

My stomach is forever changed. It bears old scars, from teenage years and coming-of-age depression. But now five new scars cast wide shadows over these wounds, engulfing my body in sorrow and joy.

My CHAPTER, not my story!!

Kay Gaffney

I got a lot of living left to do!! Going to live my life the best I can by the good Lord's plan!!

Living life to the Fullest

Jake Moreno

My cancer diagnosis can not stop me from doing what I love.

CML, the lifelong battle that I will win

Brittany Wilson

I’m ready to face whatever this new lifestyle throws at me, happy or sad, and I want to share that experience with as many people possible.

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Share Your Story


Tell others in our community about yourself and your journey, and consider sharing great moments and lessons learned to help them become MORE THAN cancer.Share Your Story & Help Others!


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