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Cancer Taught Me A Lot. It Taught Me How Strong I Am.

Calanthe White

I love the strength that blossomed in me through my journey fighting osteosarcoma, and I will never give up!

Let it Give You What You Need

Arianna Giorgio

Thriving Through Terminal Cancer Twice. Cancer is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Letter from a warrior- “My encounter with life.”

Nandesh Yadav

I had Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Stage 2 at the age of 17. I am writing this letter to everyone who is facing the cancer in any form.

I am JC. I am strongheart, and Cancer saved my life

Jen Costa

God really heard my prayers and answered them in the most unusual way.

No matter what, don’t give up hope

Carolina Montes

We are cheering for you and everything will happen the way it should.

My Secret to Beating Stage IV Cancer: Positivity

Magdalena Bujalski

The benefits of a having a positive attitude while fighting the toughest battle of your life

Dealing with new realities

Marc Buedenbender

Acceptance and gratefulness are essential on your cancer journey

Words cannot describe the sadness and joy I felt

Lauren Chaisson

I was told by a doctor that I am a ticking time bomb, they had no idea when the cancer would form

Pain is Temporary, Glory is Forever

Kalpana Chowdhary

Never lose faith and hope. Miracles happen all the time.

Thank You Cancer

Jenny Inman

Nothing Ruins the College Experience Quite Like Cancer

I might have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me

Joanna Heard

I want to break the stigma of lung cancer being an old smoker's disease and push hospitals to test as standard so more lives can be saved.

My mind shut down after hearing the word “cancer.”

Gogs Gagnon

It’s important to give yourself time to recover from the initial shock of your diagnosis before making a treatment decision.

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