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Yoga became her guiding star for her journey, and she credits it with “Truly saving my life.”

Tierney Langdon is the founder of Gypsy Dharma Services.

The mission of Gypsy Dharma is to help those who are lost to find themselves. Life changes, challenges and trauma’s all contribute to the gradual loss of self.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, Tierney found herself completely lost. No longer the person she used to be, she transformed into someone new during her healing journey.

This journey was central to the origin of Gypsy Dharma. Through her own personal healing, she is able to share her experience, strength and hope with others.

A born dancer (and life long horse lover) Tierney found yoga and described it “like finding a long lost family member,” and began daily practice of yoga in 2016. After her cancer diagnosis, she began to use not just the physical aspect of yoga, but the mental and spiritual practice of yoga as well.   

Yoga became her guiding star for her journey, and she credits it with “Truly saving my life.”

Tierney’s passion for yoga is her driving force, with her favorite personal practice being Vinyasa Flow. 

As an equestrian, she found yoga practice to be beneficial in not only her position in saddle, but it also improved her relationship with her horse. As she focuses on her breath, and her horses breathe, she can feel both coming in sync; almost immediately two become one.

As a professional she prefers to teach a Gentle Yoga Flow format. Inspired by yogi’s all over the world, she had incorporated her yoga practice into her daily routine for physical strength, health and emotional healing. Her goal is to help others see that yoga can be for everybody, and the most important of all, Yoga is her passion “to be the light in people’s life journey.”

Tierney is a professional school counselor and part time yoga instructor at goat yoga Georgia and life coach.


She was diagnosed  with Stage 2b Breast Cancer in October 2018.

ABOUT Tierney


  • Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • Diagnosis

    • Breast Cancer


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