My CHAPTER, not my story!!


I got a lot of living left to do!! Going to live my life the best I can by the good Lord's plan!!


My CHAPTER, not my story!! I got a lot of living left to do!! Going to live my life the best I can by the good Lord’s plan!!
You know Cancer is an ugly disease but truly the beauty of life after cancer is worth it! Cancer is just a big reminder that life is so precious! So many people loose focus on what life is really about! You need to rid yourself of drama and negativity and enjoy every day you wake up to! It’s all about the little things! Happiness is found in the simplest of things! God has blessed YOU with SO much! Life is too short to be anything but happy! So be crazy, be silly, be weird, BE YOU! Be the light you want to see in this world!! And sometimes you need to stop, look up, smile and say “I know that was you, God! Thank you”
Count your blessings, not your problems!
God is good all the time! Just look around!! I now have one hell of a chapter that is finished in the story of my life!! But if we happen to have a repeat I will keep fighting! Cancer came, I fought, I won! I am not what happened to me, I chose not to let it define me, make me, control me! I am what I choose to become! I chose survivor! I chose mother, wife, free spirit…I chose happy! I know my “chapter” isn’t as hard as others but I choose to not compare myself to others. This was my battle, we all have battles of different shapes, forms, sizes.. but this one is mine and I am damn proud of myself! I didn’t get any fun celebration when I finished treatments but in my heart, I leaped for joy at the celebration of life! I know it isn’t completely finished I have 10 years in which I will be faced with more tests and the worry and anticipation of test results but my faith and strength will remain. Many have asked me to share my story, but to me, it is a “chapter” and I will gladly share it. So here it is:
In November 2015 my waist was 28″ I started having stomach discomfort, pain, and breathing troubles off and on over the course of the next couple of months. By January 2016 my waist was 37″. By February 2016 I was measuring “full term” as a 9-month pregnant woman. Insurance finally got set up and I was able to get treated and tested. They found a huge mass measuring 29 cm long it had started taking over my whole abdomen, my organs were no longer located where they should be and was creating many problems.
It was a germ cell tumor. Surgery was then scheduled quickly after several trips to the ER from difficultly breathing due to the tumor pressing up into my lungs. For surgery, I had a full abdominal incision for the tumor removal. The germ cell tumor was 45+ pounds, attached to my right ovary when removed they also removed my right ovary and fallopian tube. I struggled with pain control at first, the pain, I can’t even describe it but it sticks in my mind. Then pain and slow healing process continued for the next several weeks. The doctor sent the tumor for testing and they found 2 yoke sacks in the tumor stage 1 ovarian cancer. They believe it to be self-contained in the tumor.
From there 6 weeks to the day of my last surgery, me still not fully healed, they did a full robotic hysterectomy and removal of my lymph nodes. From there two weeks after that they started chemotherapy. 3, 21day sessions. Chemo was not easy, it never is for anyone.
Though my body did fairly well at handling it, it did take a toll on me and my family. There were times I could do nothing at all I couldn’t cook, clean, help out I felt at times like a burden and I was no longer of use. There were times I was terribly sick. Times even when my children now 9, 8, 6, 3 had to help me while my husband was working. Times when I couldn’t climb out of the bathtub and my husband bless his heart had to come to help me even towel dry me and help dress me. I hated it, being the woman I am. I didn’t like someone taking care of me in such ways I felt exposed and uncomfortable. It was a new challenge for me. Then came the loss of my hair and again the feeling of being exposed and uncomfortable came again.. it was supposed to be a woman’s crowning glory… But once it was gone I was relieved because every day combing your hair and just having handful after handful comes out was draining. I would cry the whole time.
Everything I faced was hard, a new challenge equally or harder than the previous one just a big challenge. All of it, but I remained positive, kept my faith, and looked forward to the finish line! I had/have a wonderful support system and I am so grateful for that! Every person played some type of role in my reasoning for never giving up when it was tough when I was so sick and I was ready to be done. When I would have a moment when I couldn’t be strong anymore and I just needed to cry to let out the pain, but I kept giving it up to God and he gave me every ounce of strength to get through it! Monday, June 20th, 2016 was the day of my last chemo treatment. I was a cancer warrior and now I proudly wear my scars as a cancer survivor!
Now 5 years later, I am happy, healthy, and thriving! Cancer Free, Living and loving life! I am now blessed to be a blessing helping ladies throughout all walks of life as a Life & Business Sucess Coach. Encouraging each within their life, wellness, & business. Helping to inspire & motivate each to boldly live out their life’s purpose, and I am beyond blessed to do so! 



  • Ovarian Cancer

Primary Treatment

  • Chemotherapy


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