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Fund Love Inc. Designated A Non-Profit Foundation By Federal Government, Giving New Hope To Those Fighting Cancer

Earlier this month, Fund Love received formal notification from the Internal Revenue Service that their application for tax-exempt status had been approved. The news comes after the newly designated non-profit foundation was founded by the Diane Owens Zaccagnino Estate in early 2016, following her death. Diane passed away in November of ... More

MTC Recommended Reading: Study Finds Upsurge In ‘Active Surveillance’ For Low-Risk Prostate Cancer

Many men with low-risk prostate cancer who most likely previously would have undergone immediate surgery or radiation are now adopting a more conservative “active surveillance” strategy, according to an analysis of a new federal database by scientists from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. More

Ashley Della Pelle’s Radiation Experience

On February 12, 2019, I received the results of my PET scans and learned that I had a really large tumor on my hip. My doctor recommended that I should have radiation done on my hip to help reduce the size of the tumor, as well as reduce the pain. Radiation therapy is a type of treatment for a disease, using x-rays, beams of intense ... More

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