Fund Love Launches To Inspire Family, Friends and Caregivers

Fund Love, a non-profit organization founded by Diane O. Zaccagnino, recently launched its inaugural campaign, I AM MORE THAN CANCER. The goal of this campaign is to activate the cancer community through inspirational peer to peer story-telling.

Before Diane’s passing in 2015, she outlined her plan for Fund Love, and “told” her husband, Michael to “make it happen”! Diane’s main goal was to help patients, family members, caregivers, and others live happy, active, fulfilled lives, while respected cancer and putting it in its proper place. In this way, she hoped to help others realize their dreams, no matter the odds.

Michael enlisted the support of others, including long-time friends Robert Rosen and Scott Riordan, who today serve on the board of Fund Love, and John Carmody of carmoDynamics, who served as Digital Strategist and designed and developed the I AM MORE THAN CANCER website, which helps the community LEAD the fight against cancer through inspirational peer to peer story-telling and fund-raising.

Specifically, users are able to LEARN by reading community stories, ENCOURAGE others by sharing their story, ACT on community issues, and DONATE to support research and education.

“Our team’s main role is to protect Diane’s vision of service to the cancer community”, said Michael, who also asked Fabio Iwamoto MD a leading national neurologist practicing at Columbia University’s Herbert Irving Cancer Center to take a lead role. Dr. Iwamoto agreed and said: “as all of us in the cancer community strive to eradicate our ‘enemy’, we can show that we are MORE THAN CANCER”.

Similarly, Deborah Rosen, a world champion equestrian, agreed to play a lead role in the inaugural campaign, saying: “While having cancer gives you instant membership to a club you never wanted to join, it brings with it special gifts. One such gift is the opportunity to lift others up during their time of need, as others lifted me. You get to see the very best in people. I am grateful to be a part of the IAMTC campaign and to have experienced the incredible strength, hope, and love that is out there.”

In the weeks ahead, Fund Love expects others high profile leaders will join the cause, helping to build the community, activate involvement in key fundraising events, and promote direct fundraising efforts to support research and education.

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