Surviving the big C with God on my side


Be around positive people and energy. Keep your faith at all times, but most importantly, don't give up on yourself

Hi, my name is Tamara Pace. At the age of 23, I found out I had cancer. What I thought was just a sudden weight gain, turned out to be something more serious. My stomach was bloated a lot at the time. So eventually, I went to the emergency room. The doctors thought I was pregnant because of how my stomach looked. They didn’t see nor hear a heartbeat, which is when they discovered the fluid. That explained where all the bloating came from. They drained all the fluid out of my stomach, filling up 6 1/2 tubes. Later on, I was sent off to Birmingham. The doctors ran tests on me, as well as testing the fluids that were found in my stomach. From there, on April 3rd 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.

First thing the doctors suggested was removing my ovaries as soon as possible, but I said no. I wanted to try chemo first. So I started chemo treatments. With the power of God, my tumors began to start shrinking. My tumors began to go from 80% to 60% to 40% to 20%. All I could do was cry and thank God because I knew he was healing me. During chemo, the only pills I was taking other than the steroids I was given were herbs. The herbs helped with my immune system, liver, and hair. Yes, I did lose my hair, which was a drastic change for me. I did lose weight also, but my taste for food didn’t go away.

Through this whole situation, I must say it made me become a VERY strong person mentally, physically, and emotionally. I don’t think anyone thinks they’ll hear, “you have cancer” ever in life. A few years before, my dad was diagnosed and lose his battle with stage 4 lung cancer. So during my battle with it, I had him in the back of my mind. Not only was I fighting to beat this disease for myself, but I was fighting for my daddy. I couldn’t give up. I was fighting this battle for us BOTH!

I never lost my faith because I know it was nobody but God healing me. Now hear I am, in remission. Cancer free. My hair has grown back. My weight is slowly catching back up. Most importantly, I’ve changed. Even though the doctors said it might be hard for me to have children in the future, my faith tells me different. In due time, I WILL have my own kids. So now I live my life. I try not to let nothing stress me out anymore. I no longer worry about the little things. I’m much more thankful for what I have because of what I went and came through in the past year. I tell anybody that’s dealing with cancer to keep pushing, and let God handle your burden. Be around positive people and energy. Keep your faith at all times, but most importantly, don’t give up on yourself

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