My worries were confirmed, and I needed to act fast.


It's okay to have plenty of cancer screenings. No one should assume they are safe from cancer.

It was a difficult time for the family when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer three times.  She received her first treatment, and we thought that everything was going to be okay because it went away.  This was short lived as she was diagnosed with cancer again later.  The doctor discovered that both of her breasts had cancerous tumors.

I was afraid of developing cancer having seen the condition of my mother. This made me start having yearly mammograms.  In 2012, I was stressed as I could feel a lump in my breast. This made me worry, and I started to have a feeling that I would soon develop breast cancer.  My doctor informed me not to worry and instead wait for the results of the mammogram to reveal whether or not I had cancer.

In the summer of 2013, my family noticed that my lump was big and advised me to go back to the doctor.  I made the appointment immediately.  My doctor confirmed that I had breast cancer.  I had an ultrasound done and was able to see some cancerous symptoms.  I made up my mind to go for surgery.  My doctor referred me to a cancer surgeon in the nearby hospital.

Now that my worries were confirmed, I decided to go for chemotherapy, which I can confidently say was successful.  Now I go for a checkup every six months, and the results have been encouraging.  I used to have adjunct therapy of chemotherapy with trastuzumab once every three weeks.

This was a blow to me since I could no longer do my daily activities as usual.  I received encouragement from my friends and family members.  My daughter was always with me and used to accompany me to the hospital whenever I had an appointment.  My close friends and family members paid a good part of my medical bills.  It was a relief to the family after the treatment outcome was positive.  We are currently united and hoping that my mother will survive as well, though her condition keeps deteriorating.

To cut the story short, the quality of care I received was excellent, and this has helped me regain my strength and get back to my regular activities.  This experience made me learn that it is okay to keep having cancer screenings.  Nobody should assume that they are safe from cancer.  So long as cancer tumors are discovered early on, the survival rate is very high.  I take my daughter for screening after every six months just to make sure that she is safe because my doctor suggested that breast cancer may be genetically transferred from one person to another.  I do appreciate God for seeing me through this.

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